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Wireless Internet access? It is real!

“ElCat”, the leading Internet Service Provider is glad to offer you the new Wi-Fi internet access service.

Wi-Fi is a modern wireless data transmittion technology.

The Wi-Fi technology joins computers into network and connects them to Internet. With the help of this technology, Internet access becomes mobile and gives transference freedom to a user. The technology supports simultaneous work for dozens of active users in the network.

Notebooks and PDAs equipped with a module supporting IEEE 802.11 standard can use Wi-Fi internet access.

Wi-Fi standard allows using Internet access to a notebook, PDA, webcam or wireless IP phone in the area covered by a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Using the Wi-Fi Internet access from ElCat, you have more opportunities for work and entertainment outside your home or office.

Wi-Fi technology is for the ones who care about
mobility, speed and comfort.


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